Registration terms

1- Age and level required

Required age to take a course is at least 18. If you haven't reach this age at the moment of the registration, the contract has to be sign by your parents or guardian.

French language's level required to take a course is A2.

2- Accessibility

La Petite Ecole is settled in an old house including narrow stairs. Works to adapt the house to the disabled access standards are disproportionate so the school is unfortunately not adapted to person with a reduced mobility.

3- Registration

To register, send me by email the advance registration form with quoting date you desire to arrive and the program you wish.

La Petite Ecole give you a quick answer to tell you if the course is available and to confirm the price of your language study vacation. Then, you approve your registration by paying a deposit.

4- Terms of payment (deposit and balance)

For each participant and each week spent at La Petite Ecole, a deposit of 250 € is asked within the next 7 days following the booking confirmation.

If I don't receive the deposit in the time limit, I cannot assure the availability of the courses requested.

Your registration is definitive when I receive the deposit. Then, the contract is deemed to be concluded.

The balance will have to be paid at last the first day of class.

To pay, you can choose between bank transfer, credit card, cheque drawn on a French bank, cash or paypal.

You have to cover all the bank fees bound to your payment. 

5- Cancelation and refund

If you cancel, the deposit is not refund.

If La Petite Ecole has to cancel, because of force majeure, your deposit is completely refund, or if you wish, reused for another language study vacation in a later date.

No refund or postponed is made in the event of your absence since the language study vacation is started.

6- Schedules, organization and public holidays

Every Monday morning starts a new session. You can choose to take groups or one-to-one courses for 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

The program is realized to answer to your needs, and the group ones. So that, the choice of workshops and discoveries is a result of an agreement between all the participants.

Schedules indicated in the "courses" tab can be different according to the organization of the program. The quantity of hours is assure though.

Outdoors activities can be turned into workshops for meteorological reasons. The program is then adapted.

Public holidays falling during the weekdays will be worked, except the 1st of January and the 25th of December which are off and not catched up.

7- The number of participants

The number of participants is limited to 4 people. Courses and options (workshops and discoveries) for a group are open since 2 participants suscribe. If you are the only one registered, La Petite Ecole inform you. Your program is maintained but the number of hours increase and the price changes as indicated in the tab "prices".

8- Passports, visas and insurance

According to your nationality, you may need a visa for your stay in France. I recommend you to get information and to take the necessary steps to get it. To take a course, you have to be in regular status on French territory.

I also recommend you to take out an insurance against any damages or risks (medical fees, repatriation, civil liability, accident, theft...) for the length of your stay. La Petite Ecole is in no way held responsible for damages the participant cause or suffer.

9- Right to the image

La Petite Ecole reserves the right to take and use pictures or videos of the participant for promotional purposes (brochure, publication on the website...) except if the latter is against and quote it during the registration.

10- Accommodation registration terms

For homestay or furnished accommodation, La Petite Ecole connect you with the host family or the landlord. These later will give you their account number and will ask you a deposit of 30% to register. The deposit is not refundable. The balance is due at last, the day you arrive.

For the other types of accommodation, I will tell you the different possibilities you have and some address not too far from the school. Then, you get in touch with the manager of the accommodation for booking and payment. Their prices are only indicative in our website and do not commit us. You have to check them with the manager when you book your accommodation.