Intensive courses - group or one-to-one class

Up to 20 hours a week, lunch included

Every morning, from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 1pm, I give you tools required to communicate. The program contains activities organized from authentic documents so that you'll be able to understand and speak French fluently and improve your talk flowingly and your language relevance. 

Each morning constitute a pedagogical unity which respond to the Common European Framework of References for Languages requirements. This unity, based on a theme, approach several communication goals, and integrate naturally, study of grammar and vocabulary. Each language skills (speaking, listening, writing, reading) are reached, with a large advantage to the development of the oral skill. Communication and interaction are key words of your learning in which you are totally involved. My attention is for you.

For lunch, we go on with informal conversation, over a homemade meal and a glass of wine consumed in moderation.

If you can't eat some food because of medical, philosophical, or religious reasons, quote it in the pre-registration form.