Tailor-made French courses

A French language course customised for you

Because everyone has different specific needs or projects, we offer a broad range of French training programs and tailor them for every profile.

Together, we share the context of your request, pinpoint your requirements and objectives. Then, we assess your level in French, set goals to reach, develop a curriculum to suit exactly your linguistic wishes or these of your university or company.

Closed group or private customised lessons

This is the most flexible and personal French course we offer.

Because you are a single learner with a specific request and wish individual French lessons with your private tutor, or you are a small closed group whose members share common learning objectives, we can completly focused on your requirements.

Our closed groups are composed of:
- Family or friends who wish to share their language study vacation in Southern France ;

- Small academic groups who want to deal with their French skills and knowledge in depth ;

- Non-francophone employees who carry out their professional work exclusively in French and need a refresher course.

To fully benefit from your French linguistic stay, note that we recommend all members of the closed group are of similar French ability and have the same learning aims. So that, we will be able to build a course that valuable for all of you.

Customised French courses and flexibility

With our tailor-made French courses, get more flexibility. Choose the content of your program and how intensively you want to study.

For example :
- Decrease or increase the number of hours of your general French language courses ;
- Add more or less social and cultural activities to your program ;
- Choose a combination of General French and specialized French courses.

Our French for specific purposes courses

Our tailor-made French courses are offering to develop your communicative competence in a specific discipline.

They are designed to :

  • improve your general French skills ;
  • develop ease in a professional field (business, law, tourism, hotel trade) ;
  • take au pair courses for a better communication and integration with your host family ;
  • be trained for an exam (DELF, DALF) ;
  • take conversation courses ; writing expression courses ;
  • update the teaching methodologies of non-native teachers of French... 


Tailor made french courses
  • Students courses

    You are an international or a EU student. You need to update your French to succeed academically in a French University. Our French for Academic purposes program focuses on providing you mainly with the skills like research, expressing your ideas in discussion or making presentations, criticical analysis and writing.
  • Exams preparation courses

    Our Exam preparation course is targeted to helping you to achieve the best results possible in the DELF or DALF exam. It is designed to improve your fluency, to perfect the key language skills required for a high score, and to develop strategies to prepare you for the types of questions you can expect on exam day.
  • Professional French

    Our language school offers a special program for professionals who want to improve their French to secure their job or to develop their career.
  • Teachers courses

    You are a French teacher, non-native speaker ? We have a program to deepen your French language and culture knowledge and develop your teaching skills.
  • Au pair program

    Learn French in our small French language school while you are working as an "au pair". We offer you a program to master correctly your host language.
  • Updating the written skill

    Encounter difficulties with spelling or grammar can be prejudicial to your professional development. We offer you a written skill upgrading.
  • Bildungsurlaub

    Take benefit of your German training leave "Bildungsurlaub" to improve your French. It's an opportunity for your career.