Our teaching approach

Study, live and explore in France

Because the success of your language training is our top priority, we pay particularly close attention to the quality of your French training program design.

Our aim is to offer you an engaging and relevant framework to communicate properly, outside of the classroom, with ease and confidence, in a variety of real situations.

A blended learning approach based on communication

To cater for different learning styles, we combine the best educational techniques while following the recommendations and educational standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).
Largely based on a communicative, task-oriented approach, our lessons employ all 5 French language capabilities (reading, writing, listening, speaking and interaction) to lead you to fluency.
Each lesson is focused on a specific topic about current events and everyday issues. It encourages interactive and participative activities such as debates, discussions, role-plays, brainstorming. Thus, you will learn real-life application of French language and culture.
In our general French course, our particular emphasis on oral practice and listening comprehension should in no way be interpreted as forgetting the essentials of grammar and phonetics which are fundamental for expressing yourself properly in a variety of situations.

Linguistic, social & cultural activities promoting the communication in context

Since language and culture are closely connected, we use a communicative and task-oriented approach in the classroom which includes both the knowledge about French language and the knowledge about how to use French appropriately in communicative situation in real world.
To imbue yourself more deeply in the French culture, we offer a French immersion program, which is a mix of French courses and social and cultural activities. It permits to learn in context, to develop oral skills, to interact in true life situations, and in the same time to discover the French culture.

A program mainly based on authentic documents

To get ready to face a French-speaking environment and real life situations, we provide, as far as possible, a wide range of relevant resources based on authentic materials. Our aim is to improve your general skills, but also, to expose you to French in real world and to help you to become a confident and autonomous user of the French language and culture.

Thanks to technology, authentic materials offer diversity and wealth, from audios (radio, ads, songs, news broadcasts, phone messages, etc.), videos (radio and TV podcasts, photographs, postcards, weather reports, etc.) to writings (newspaper, classified ads, travel brochures, menus, maps, blogs, flyers, etc.).

An effective linguistic & cultural immersion: French only

Get more opportunity to practice, to communicate and to think in French: French will be the only one language used during your stay, your teacher won’t translate.

A learner-centred approach

An approach appropriate to your aims and learning style

The teaching in small groups (maximum 4 students in the school) or one-to-one tuition allows us to plan a custom-made course that meet your individual requirements. Flexible method techniques and activities are chosen for their effectivity and according to your needs, expectations, learning habits and interests in order to motivate and encourage you to fully express yourself.

Take an active role in your learning process

With a program adapted to your interests and goals, we will always be there to encourage you to participate, to keep you motivated and to help you to be actively engaged in your learning. We are your guide, you are an active learner.

A personalized coaching

Your language learning program will be customized and you will get a personalized one-to-one attention. During your stay, we will support you in any way we can with strategies and good tips to reach your goals, to fight your weaknesses, to develop your linguistics skills and to go on to improve your French outside of the classroom.

A learning program developed by a fully qualified and experienced native teacher

Feel confident with your passionate, friendly and professional native French speaking teacher, who is specifically trained and certified in the teaching of French as foreign language. 
We are dedicated to give you the best teaching and to make your French language stay an enjoyable and successful learning experience in a fun, friendly and warm atmosphere.