French courses in small groups and one-to-one

Individual or small group French courses: the key to success

For a best learning value, Naturellement Français has opted to teach one-to-one French tuition and mini-group French courses with just 2 to 4 students. In either case, you will get the most of your French learning experience and feel more confident in communication.

Much more fruitful than larger groups in other language schools, our policy guarantees more personal support, more productivity, more effectivity, more interaction, more contribution, more performance of each learner and a fast rate of improvement.

One-to-one French tuition

The one-to-one French language training is a unique opportunity to meet completely your needs. You benefit from a tailored program and support. You get our full attention, we are more flexible. So that, you can learn at your pace and in your way.

This course is ideal for the one who:

  • needs to focus on a particular area,
  • needs a fast-track programme to achieve his/her goals,
  • could be shy or nervous by the perception of a group,
  • wants all of the attention.

Small-goup French courses for up to 4 learners

The mini-goup French courses offer an economic alternative to private French tuition because you have to share your teacher rather than having your own.

However, to ensure our teaching quality, we have chosen to teach only to small groups of maximum 4 students or less. The small class size still allows a participation of each learners, individual attention, fast learning progress and to meet their expectations.

Advantages of learning French in a small class size

Pedagogical merits of a small size class :

  • create an intimacy and to break the isolation ;
  • accord special attention to you ;
  • respond to your needs ;
  • help meet your goal ;
  • offer a personalized coaching ;
  • guarantee teaching optimal conditions ;
  • adapt more readily the educational program and the pedagogical approach to you ;
  • ensure a constant exchange and interaction ;
  • make the learning more dynamic ;
  • give you time to intervene, to exchange and to welcome your questions ;
  • empower your teacher to be more in tune with you and at your service ;
  • boost and motivate your participation.

Consequence of learning in a small size class : a quick and efficient improvement in French.