French courses for adults in the South of France

Adult French and culture courses in Southern France

Naturellement Français provides quality French language and culture courses to adults from all over the world, in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Wether you are strating learning French, want to enhance your skills, or become an expert speaker, we have got a range of courses for everyone. All of them can be customised to your needs: General French ; One to One French ; Students courses ; Professional French ; Exam preparation ; Au pair program ; French language immersion.

In addition to traditional French courses, we also provide outdoor activities and workshops, in which your teacher will give you an overview of life in the South of France and immerse you in the mediterranean local culture and history.

We only offer one-to-one French tuition or French classes in very-small groups (max. of 4 adults). Thanks to the small capacity of the school, we will take real good care of you. You will benefit from a personalized education program and be completly engaged in your learning process.


You want to develop fluency and confidence in communicating in French in various real life situations.

Acquire firm foundations and gain quickly efficacy in speaking, listening, reading and writing French with our practical course based on a communicative approach.

While communicating in and out of the classroom, interacting with authentic documents and realistic role playing exercices you will get what you need to go further.

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Experience our French language and cultural program and dive in the French "art de vivre". 

Our immersion program is a combination of French training with cultural or sportive activities.

Reuse naturally your knowledge during social activities like cooking, tasting or discussion workshops...

Increase exchanges during hiking trips and discover the cultural, historic and natural heritage of the area (landside and seaside) during excursions.

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Do you want to focus on a particular area of French ?

Either you need to prepare a French exam, to boost your career, to attend a French University, to get French nationality or to enhance your writing skills, your French program must meet your individuals requirements.

We will design a course which will be just right for your needs.

Options include : professional French, exam preparation training, Students courses, au pair courses...

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Treat yourself, choose and adapt your French language program as you want in order to make your journey an enriching and unforgettable experience.

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